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An Alien In My House

by Shenaaz Nanji

A witty portrayal of the relationship between a young boy and his grandfather emerges, when Grandpa moves in.


ISBN 1-896764-77-0

Second Story Press

Blue Spruce Award Finalist 2006

   - Ontario Library Association

"Top Ten Notable Picture Books"

   - Kingston Frontenac Library

"Humorous and lively while conveying a message of acceptance and respect."

The Globe and Mail, January 17, 2004

"When his grandfather moves in, Ben tells his friends that an alien has invaded his house. By the way he describes the old man's removable teeth and hair, taste for greens, and apparent fixation on chores, it's clear that Ben would like to send the alien back into space. At the same time, the grandfather reports to his own friends that he has moved into the home of a monster, one who has springs in his feet and eats only "C foods: candy, chocolate, cake and chips." However, it isn't long before Ben and his grandfather find common ground, with each confessing to his own friends that he is glad of the other's company.

The parallel structure of the story, in which the narrative alternates between the little boy's and old man's versions of events, gives zest to what could otherwise have been a saccharine tale of intergenerational bonding. Calgary-based author Shenaaz Nanji has written other books about understanding differences - most recently cultural differences in Treasure for Lunch. Her strong storytelling skills carry her themes gracefully. Here, deftly handled repetition and vivid similes make the book a good choice for reading aloud."

Quill and Quire 2004

"This imaginative full-color picture book will delight readers aged eight and under as it explores the problems that different generations have in understanding each other. As Ben and the Alien learn more about each other, they discover that they have more in common than they ever would have thought."

Canadian Children's Book Centre Our Choice Book

"When I first saw this in the bookstore my kids couldn't put it down because of all the colorful pictures! And lo and behold the content is just as superb. my son could relate to ben because of his relationship with his grandfather. A must for any parent interested in creating strong familial links between their children and their parents.", December 10, 2003
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