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Grandma's Heart

by Shenaaz Nanji

Shaira is a young girl who wants to spend all of her time with her Nani-ma (grandma), but she encounters difficulties when she discovers her Nani-ma is going to spend some time with her mother, father, brother and cousins as well.

Shaira wonders if there will be room enough in her Nani-ma’s heart for all the people in her life-she wants to be the only one in her Nani-ma’s heart.

As Shaira struggles with her feelings, she learns some important lessons about love and family.

Canada IBSN 0-920661-35-2

TSAR Publications, 1993

Curriculum Integration

Language Arts

listening, discussing, writing about feelings

Social Studies

multiculturalism, families, family trees


drawing and sketching with two colours, quick sketches

Healthy Living

feelings, families (diversity), sharing

"This is a heartwarming story about the love between a little girl and her grandma. They have a wonderful time together, but at the same time, Shaira struggles with the emotions of love, jealousy, and hurt and with her place within the family. She comes to realize that there is lots of love to go around and that love remains even if the loved person goes away for a while.

This is a beautiful story for a theme on families, especially for young primary students."

Canadian Content (Resources for Classroom Teachers)
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