Alina In a Pinch

by Shenaaz Nanji


Moving to a new city means Alina has to make new friends, and nothing is worse than lunch at a new school. When her grandmother visits, Alina learns to cook the delicious Afro-Indian meals she’s always loved and is inspired to audition for the Junior Chef competition. But a cruel note from a mysterious lunchtime bully leaves a bitter taste that even Nani's excellent cooking can't erase.


Can Alina be brave enough to stay true to herself and still fit in with her classmates?

Alina in a Pinch.jpg

"Alina has moved to a new school and is teased because of the lunches she brings.  When Alina’s parents are forced to travel to Africa, her grandmother comes to take care of her and the two enjoy cooking Afro-Indian meals together. From her Nani, Alina learns that ‘we are all the same, yet different: ‘different colored balloons flying under one sky… Each of us has hopes, fears., and dreams. We all want to be love and to be accepted.” Alina is determined to find the cruel bully culprit who makes fun of her. She is also determined to audition for the Junior Chef competition by creating a healthy treat. This chapter book will guide readers into diversity and equity and acceptance… and not just because of the food we eat."

Larry Swartz Educational Consultant, 2022

ISBN-13: 9781772602456

Publisher: Second Story Press, 2022