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Teeny Weeny Penny

by Shenaaz Nanji

One day, young Shaira finds a teeny weeny penny in the garden. It becomes her lucky penny, which, she soon discovers, everyone seems to want. But only her father knows how special her penny is.

After playing some games, Shaira ends up with three more pennies. Her teeny weeny penny did bring her luck. Now she is able to give the others the penny they wanted and they think it’s the one she found.

Only Shaira knows she still has her own lucky penny.


Canada ISBN 0-920661-36-X

TSAR Publications, 1993

Curriculum Integration

Language Arts

listening, discussing, writing about finding money, chants ("See a penny...")


introduction to counting money, the value of coins, banks, interest

Social Studies

money in different countries, was this penny different than Shaira's other pennies?

Healthy Living

making decisions and the satisfaction of making a good decision, value of saving, saving/spending, why do we save money?

"This is a simple story which reflects the innocence of the special times of childhood and is a wonderful selection to read just for the gleeful rhythm of the language.

It’s also a fun way to introduce a unit on money. Not only does the money have monetary value, but to Shaira the penny becomes a sentimental lucky piece. Wonderful for primary students being introduced to “money math” for the first time."

Canadian Content (Resources for Classroom Teachers)
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