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Ghost Boys

by Shenaaz Nanji

On bookshelves now.

Watch the book trailer here:

A teen is trapped in a camel camp in the desert with child-slave jockeys.

Did You Know That:

  • Small Children were favoured as jockeys in camel races in the Middle East.

  • Racing Camels are Female.

  • If a Child-Jockey weighed over 20 kilos, he was sent home.

  • Camels are bought at well over $1m plus while child-slave jockeys at around $3,000.

  • The root cause of Child-Slave Jockeys is Greed, Poverty and Corruption


"With Ghost Boys though, I loved this novel. Shenaaz Nanji has a great writing style when it comes to letting us feel what Munna feels – whether it be pain, empathy, or fear, you’re guaranteed to feel everything alongside Munna and the other camel boys."

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..This is a coming-of-age book which will capture the imaginations and emotions of young readers and perhaps will cause them to delve just a little more deeply into some of the serious societal and political problems presented by Nanji.

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University of Manitoba

Taking her reader on a fantastic journey to the East, Shenaaz Nanji, author of the Governor General’s nominated book Child of Dandelions, highlights one young man’s struggle to overcome the chains of his birth while developing his sense of social justice.

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