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  • Shenaaz has presented to schools, site libraries and at Teachers Conventions, NCTE in USA and in Canada

  • She has sat on the jury for Canada Council of Arts, Writers Union and Writers Guild of Alberta

  • Shenaaz will tailor her talk to students from Kindergartern to Grade 12 (45 mins) or hold workshops (90 mins)

  • She is also available for Skype visits

Some examples of her talks are:

  • Birth of a Book: Writing Process from Idea to Book

  • Elements of a Good Story: Character, Plot, Setting, Scenes...

  • Freakish Folk/Fairy Tales

  • Pocket Tales: Stories that fit in your pocket

  • The Story Behind the Story: Book Discussion for Child of Dandelions

  • Games, Games, Games Galore Workshop: Writing Thru Games

Some of her books used in schools:

  • Child of Dandelions: (Grade 7-11) Human Rights, Refugees, Forced Migration, Social Injustice

  • An Alien In My House: (Grade 2-4) Family and Relationships

  • Treasure for Lunch: (Grade 1-4) Diversity of Cultures and Identity

  • Indian Tales & The Old Fisherman of Lamu: (Grade 3-6 Social Studies Curriculum) India and Africa

  • Teeny Weeny Penny & Grandma's Heart: (Grade K-2) Family and Identity

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