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Shenaaz has presented to schools from Grade 1 to 12. She can tailor her talks according to the needs of the students. She has spoken at Literary Festivals, Teachers Conventions, the National Council for Teachers Education (N.C.T.E) and presented to many schools and libraries across Canada and the United States. 

Some examples of her presentations include: 

  • How to Cook a Yummy Story

  • How is a Book Born?

  • The Story Behind the Story

  • What are the Elements of a Good Story?

  • Games, Games, Games Galore - Workshop

Shenaaz has sat on the jury for the Canada Council for the Arts, Writers Union, Writers Guild of Alberta and the Alberta Foundation of Arts. 

She holds a workshop for Writers who want to take their writing to the next level, 'How to Really get Under the Skin of your Characters'.

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