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Treasure for Lunch

by Shenaaz Nanji

Shaira loves her grandmother and the wonderful Indian foods that she prepares. But the young girl is afraid that her school friends will think them strange. Not wanting to seem weird or different, Shaira attempts to hide the unusual foods her immigrant grandmother sends with her each day.

ISBN: 1-896764-32-0

Second Story Press Canada

2000 1-896764-32-0


Our Choice, Canadian Children's Book Centre


Curriculum Integration

"Recommended for Physical Education/Health & Learning Resources (Kindergarten to Grade 2)" 

Manitoba Education

"Another snowy book with a lot of charm is Shenaaz Nanji’s “Treasure for Lunch.” Shaira is embarrassed to show her lunch to her friends. She’s afraid that they’ll have no appreciation for her grandmother’s kababs and samoosas. So she skips out of the lunch room early and heads outside, burying the rest of her lunch in the snow. Of course, one day she is discovered, but the resolution of the story is delightful. Snow is the medium that joins children of many different backgrounds together on the toboggan hill. Illustrator Yvonne Cathcart’s pictures, framed with whimsical borders, make winter look like a lot of exciting fun!

Both the illustrator and author already have done a number of other works. The lovely message and delightful visual support make “Treasure for Lunch” a shining snow diamond among books on winter for Canadian children."

"Yvonne Cathcart's brightly coloured illustrations add to the fun of this totally delicious book."

Reader's Showcase
The St. Catharines Standard
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