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Question and Ideas for Discussion

Ghost Boys:

1. From what point of view is the story told? Is it effective?

2. What is dowry? Why does the dowry system still prevail even though its illegal?

3. Why does Munna leave school?

4. Describe how Munna’s curse affects his fate.

5. Characterize Munna’s uncle.

6. Why is Munna’s mother reluctant to let Munna leave home?

7. Trace Munna’s journey from India to the camel camp in the Middle East.

8. Why are young children enlisted as camel-slave jockeys? 9. Why are female camels preferred in camel races?
10. Characterize Master.
11. Why does Munna delay his escape plan?

12. Compare and contrast Munna’s view of the treatment of the camel jockeys with Master’s.

13. Compare and contrast Munna and Avra. Do you think their friendship will continue?

14. Why do some mothers in the animal kingdom reject their babies?

15. Do you think bad things happen to Munna because he is cursed?

16. Should Munna have cooperated with Master in the Gold Sword Race?

17. Where do the princes from the Middle East travel for the sport of falconry?

18. What is the connection of falconry to the camel-slave jockeys in the story?

19. Why does hunting for the Houbara bustards hold such an appeal for the Arab princes, and why are they keen on poaching them?

20. Who is the strongest character in the novel and why?

21. What character in the novel evokes the most sympathy and why?

22. Explain the significance of the book title. How does it relate to the novel?

23. To what extent does the author suggest that poverty is the cause of child-slavery. What textual evidence is there to support this.

24. Show three instances that foreshadow to the reader that Master is Munna’s father.

25. Do you think Munna should forgive his father and accept him?

26. What in your opinion will eliminate the practice of using child-slave jockeys?

27. Write your own conclusion of the story. What will happen to Munna and his family after five years?

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