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Writing Exercises for Ghost Boys

1. Robotics helped to reduce trafficking of little boys from poor countries as camel-slave jockeys. In your opinion is modern technology a burden or a blessing? The class can be split into Believers and Doubters. Set a Timer and write for 5 minutes. Then reverse their role. Now discuss each side. This exercise can help with any persuasive writing. It will help them divorce their feelings from their opinions


2. Summarize the first chapter of Ghost Boys in under 150 words.

Now convey your ideas from 150 words into a tweet of 140 characters. Use twitter language and hash-tag or replace words with numbers to convey your idea.


3. As a journalist for the Life Magazine you got the opportunity to interview Munna. What questions would you ask him and how would he answer them?


4. What in your opinion is the root cause of child trafficking?

Now imagine you have won 1m. wand want to enforce a ban on childhood slavery. What is your plan? How would you enforce it?


5. Imagine you are Munna trapped in the desert. Write about your time travel adventures.

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